Question: Is Walker, Texas Ranger being cancelled this year?

Televisionary: Cancelled, friend? Why, the only hombre tough enough to send Cordell Walker to boot hill is the pointy-toed lawman himself — and that's just who's a-doin' it.

Yes, the CBS series ends its successful Saturday-night run this spring, but it was executive producer and star Chuck Norris who made the call, not some yella network suit. The 60-year-old Norris says he'd like more time to live his life and wants to go out a winner. (While suffering a steady decline in viewership, the show still wins its 9&#160pm/ET time period.)

Norris, who starred in such big-screen action fare as Good Guys Wear Black, A Force of One, Lone Wolf McQuade and the Missing in Action movies, says he plans to get back into film work.