Question: I vaguely remember this show Coast to Coast, where a man hitchhiked across America while doing news stories on the people he met. The stories weren't earthshattering; they were about regular events (one story was on pickpockets). It must have aired pre-1997 on PBS, CBS, NBC, or ABC. Do you have any idea what this show was? — Carly S., St. Paul, Minn.

Televisionary: Actually, Carly, it was a team of correspondents — Cynthia Bowers, Bernard Goldberg, Steve Hartman, Jennifer Laird, Vicki Mabrey, Derek McGinty, Alison Stewart and David Turecamo — filing stories from around the country, rather than just one person.

As you say, CBS show focused on offbeat human-interest stories. Subjects included, for example, a pair of women who researched their family trees and found the white woman's ancestors owned the African-American's in the days of U.S. slavery, a stunt where Hartman left a bike with strangers and then had a cohort try to steal it to see if the people would try to stop the crime, and prisoners who trained seeing-eye dogs.

Eight episodes of the show aired over a brief run in January 1997 and a short stint later in the year.

You may also be confusing Coast to Coast with a string of on-the-road stories hitchhiking correspondent Jay Schadler did for ABC's Primetime Live a few years back. Bravo repeated them as a packaged series called Tale Lights.