Question: I vaguely remember a show about a group of people trying to colonize a new planet. Rebecca Gayheart was in the show and it seems like it ended abruptly. What was the name, what was it about, and what happened to it? — Tara, Manhattan, Kan.

Televisionary: That was Earth 2, Tara — a sci-fi offering from Steven Spielberg's Amblin' Entertainment that debuted on NBC in November 1994.

The show took place 200 years in the future and revolved around an expedition started by a scientist and mother (Debrah Farentino) to escape our planet, which was horribly polluted. Headed for a planet similar to Earth, she hoped her young son (Joey Zimmerman) might recover from his environmentally related affliction and was joined by a doctor (Jessica Steen), a mechanic (Clancy Brown), his wee daughter (J. Madison Wright), a pilot (Antonio Sabato Jr.) and a cyborg (Sullivan Walker). Also in the group was a government agent (John Gegenhuber), who was pretty much the Dr. Smith of the group, and his wife (Gayheart).

As these things usually go, Devon and crew ended up on the wrong side of the planet and had to journey across it to where they believed a human colony had been started. In doing so they faced the new planet's good, bad and ugly inhabitants.

What happened to it? It fell victim to the environmental affliction that's done in many a series — low ratings.