Question: Is there any truth to the rumor of the possible cancellation of The Pretender? If so, I am outraged and need to express my feelings on this, so who and where do I write to express my disappointment? The Pretender was one of the best shows ever on NBC... well, besides Homicide. NBC has lost a longtime viewer and I will never watch NBC again until they correct this mishap. Thank you. — Neisha

Televisionary: Your hunger-strike notion is indeed noble, Neisha, but are you really prepared to deny yourself Saved by the Bell: The New Class, when your abstinence will no doubt go unnoticed?

Yes, The Pretender will pretend on NBC no more. But the Net rumor mill is already a-buzz with the notion that TNT, which begins running first-cycle cable reruns of The Pretender in September, may be thinking about picking up rights to new episodes of the show.

Now, let me stress that such online tales are often way off (and who believes anything they read on the Web anyway?), but the network did cut such a deal for a final season of Babylon Five.

A TNT spokesman declined to comment on the matter and I'm far too responsible to suggest you heed the fans' call to pepper TNT with mail. However, the network greeted the notion with a "we'll see" attitude rather than a "get out of town, column boy."

Meanwhile, I'll be watching Passions without you.