Question: I tried websites to find a sitcom from the '60s, a show about a guy who ran a lunch wagon at a college. To get his education, he would dress as a student who was ill or away from school and attend their classes. At the end of the show he would always be found out and have to run away. He was so fast the track coach wanted him on the track team. He was unable to do this as he had a little sister and they were orphans who wanted to stay together and feared being broken up. This was around '65 or so. Ring a bell? Who was in it? Thanks! — Tim

Televisionary: The show in question is Hank, which ran for a season on NBC beginning in September 1965. It starred comedian Dick Kallman as an orphan — his parents were killed in an accident when he was a teen — who tried to get a college education by sneaking into classes at a local university, disguising himself and subbing in for students he knew were sick.

In addition to the lunch wagon, he had a bunch of businesses going — laundry service, dating service, etc. — and was always on the run from the school registrar (Howard St. John). The registrar's daughter (Linda Foster), of course, was Hank's girlfriend and knew his secret, as did his younger sister's babysitter.

Ossie Weiss was the track coach who, as you say, wanted Hank to join the team.