Question: I am thinking of a show that probably aired in the late '80s to early '90s that reminded me a lot of Air Wolf. The only difference was the use of a motor bike and not a helicopter. The motor bike was equipped with small guns and a missile launcher. I remember the storage place for the motor bike was an old brick building that looked rundown on the outside but was high-tech on the inside. What show was this or was it a dream? Please tell me it was a show. I hope you can help me out. Thanks. — Luke

Televisionary: It wasn't a dream, Luke, but it might have seemed it since Street Hawk, the show you're thinking of, ran only from January to May in 1985.

On the series, motorcycle cop Jesse Mach (Rex Smith) was working a desk after a bad accident when techie Norman Tuttle (Joe Regalbuto) offered Jesse a deal: restorative surgery for secret servitude. Tuttle would repair Jesse's leg if Jesse would do undercover work testing the Street Hawk, a really cool police cycle Norm invented.

As you say, the Street Hawk was a truly tricked-out set of wheels, capable of going 300 miles an hour and boasting an energy beam and extraordinary jumping capabilities. Of course, it wasn't really clear why Jesse would want to work for a guy who wouldn't fix his leg unless he worked for him, but that kind of attitude is probably why hyper-stealthy law enforcement types aren't busting down my door with the latest in crime-busting weaponry.