Question: Thanks for including a question and answer about The Dick Van Dyke Show, one of the best — if not the best — sitcom of all time! A couple of additional thoughts: Composer Earle Hagen did not remember ever scoring the original opening — the one with bongos, that is. In fact, Earle hates bongos! Second, the film editor, Bud Molin, was the guy who decided, along with Carl Reiner, which opening segment would be used for a particular new episode. And last, Larry Mathews played Ritchie (not Richie). Thumbs up! — David Van Deusen, Editor of The Walnut Times, the Dick Van Dyke Show newsletter, Delmar, N.Y.

Televisionary: No, no, David — thank you for that additional info. But jeez, another correction? It is Ritchie, which I misspelled in my original answer. Do I get anything right anymore?