Question: Can you tell me who sang the opening theme song to Happy Days and what the name of the song is? Thanks. — S.G.

Televisionary: Well, it depends on which theme you're talking about, S.G. The first theme song, which heralded early episodes of the show, was "Rock Around the Clock," by Bill Haley &#038 His Comets. The one most people associate with it, however, is Truett Pratt and Jerry McClain's "Happy Days Theme."

Happy Days, which ran on ABC for ten years beginning January 1974, was such a huge hit that it pumped up sales for both songs after it launched. The Pratt &#038 McClain tune reached the number-five spot on the Billboard chart in 1976. And I have to add that you simply haven't lived until you catch the tune performed by the singers decked all entirely in denim on a rerun of American Bandstand.