Question: What can you tell me about The New Dick Van Dyke Show that was on CBS in the early '70s? — Don

Televisionary: I can tell you that it debuted in September 1971 on CBS, with Van Dyke playing Phoenix, Ariz., talk-show host Dick Preston. Preston worked at fictional TV station KXIV, and his manager (Marty Brill) and his manager's wife (Nancy Dussault) were pals who helped provide the laughs, along with Preston's sister/secretary (Fannie Flagg). On the home front, Hope Lange was Preston's missus, Angela Powell was his nine-year-old daughter and Michael Shea was his son, though that last role was eventually taken over by Wendell Burton.

After two seasons, the show was reworked and Dick and his clan relocated to Hollywood so he could head up a soap opera. With the switch came new colleagues, including Barry Gordon, Dick van Patten and Barbara Rush. Preston's new neighbors/friends were played by Richard Dawson and Chita Rivera.

I can also tell you that the show breathed its last in September 1974.