Question: Can you tell me the name of the actor who played on the TV show Stingray? No one I've spoken to seems to remember anything about it! Thanks. — Josef D.

Televisionary: Why, that was Nick Mancuso (Total Recall 2070) behind the wheel on the NBC series, which debuted in March 1986 and was cancelled in July of the next year. His character's nickname was Stingray (he drove a black '65 Corvette Stingray), but his real name was... well, he never did quite say. But he was from... um, we didn't really know that, either.

But he helped people in need and in return asked only an I.O.U. for any favor requested sometime in the future. (Full disclosure time: Many of you thought the person whose question I addressed in the third item of my Jan. 2 column meant this show and not Vengeance Unlimited — and you didn't mince words in letting me know about my "error." Tough crowd.)

That's pretty much all I know, Josef. Did I mention he drove a Stingray?