Question: I could have sworn there was a Saturday-morning cartoon based on Punky Brewster. I think I remember her dog being able to talk on the show. Nobody I ask believes that it ever came on. I know I was probably only about 5 when it would have been on the air, but I don't think my imagination was that wild. Please tell me I'm not crazy. — Ren&#233 E., Beckley, W.V.

Televisionary: Well, it depends, Ren&#233: the dog wasn't talking to you, right? If not, I'm betting you're otherwise okay, since It's Punky Brewster was indeed an NBC Saturday-morning cartoon from 1985-89.

In it, the irrepressible Punky, whose own live-action Sunday-night show ran from 1984-86, lived in a world very similar to that of her evening series. Well, except for her super-powered friend Glomer, who whisked her away to other realms and planes of existence. And while such things would rend the fabric of an adult mind, they didn't shake Punky much. I mean, what's a little inter-dimensional travel when you've already been abandoned by your parents, and the authorities see fit to leave you with the grumpy old man who found you in an empty apartment?

Anyway, Soleil Moon Frye, who played Punky on the live-action show and gave voice to her animated counterpart, seems perfectly comfortable with those matters, too. Not only does she currently pal around with a teenage witch, she also voices Zoey on Disney's The Proud Family.