Question: During the summer of 1969 I remember watching a television show starring James Darren. In it he and two others had special powers and, I think, worked for some government agency. I've been trying to remember the name of it and the exact premise. Can you help? — Traci S., Columbia, Miss.

Televisionary: Boy, between you and Dave up there, Mississippi's real curious about its classic TV this week, huh, Traci? It sounds to me like you're thinking of The Time Tunnel, which was created by small-screen legend Irwin Allen (Land of the Giants, Lost in Space, Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea).

Launched in September 1966, the series ran for a year on ABC and focused on the adventures of scientists Dr. Tony Newman (Darren) and Dr. Doug Phillips (Robert Colbert), two researchers working on a time-travel device who ended up lost in time. They couldn't get back to their own time, but they were able to jump around the past and future, experiencing first-hand such points in history as the killings of Abraham Lincoln and Marie Antoinette and the battle of Troy.

The downside? They were never able to actually change the outcome of any of those past events, so their exploits were forever ending in frustration. (Except for the Marie Antoinette part, as far as I'm concerned; don't know what they were thinking trying to change that one.)