Question: I have submitted this question to a lot of columns but have never received an answer. Yet I know that this program existed. I'd like to purchase it for myself (and — oh, yeah — the grandchildren). Can you help? My question is: Shirley Temple hosted a show that reenacted fairy tales. It was shown on Saturday nights. She would end the show with this song: "Dreams are made for children, and a dream is a fairy tale..." — Regi

Televisionary: It did indeed exist, Regi. Shirley Temple's Storybook started off as a run of ABC specials in 1958, but began airing more regularly the following year and then moved to NBC the next year as The Shirley Temple Show, a regular weekly series that went off the air in 1961.

Episodes featuring productions of

Sleeping Beauty, The Emperor's New Clothes, Ali Baba and the Forty Thieves, Hiawatha, Rip Van Winkle and other classics were released on video, but as far as I can tell those tapes are no longer available. However, you might try some of the bigger online auction sites or contact the used- and rare-video dealer of your choice. Best of luck with it.