Question: Who starred in the 1980s show Day by Day with Courtney Thorne-Smith? What was the theme of the show?

Televisionary: The theme was the rejection of yuppie values. Well, I should say it was the tempered rejection of yuppie values. It's not like Brian and Kate Harper — the stockbroker-lawyer couple who opened a home day-care center to spend more time with their kids — became grunge rockers and lived the full-tilt rejection of the early '90s or anything.

Douglas Sheehan (Knots Landing) and Linda Kelsey (Lou Grant) portrayed the leading couple, who traded in their instant-gratification urges for family values and puzzled the heck out of Brian's driven former colleague, Eileen (Seinfeld's Julia Louis-Dreyfus), in the process. Having mom and dad around all day definitely cramped the swingin' lifestyle of teenage son Ross (Christopher Daniel Barnes), but he didn't mind so much once they brought in easy-on-the-eyes employee Kristin Carlson (Thorne-Smith) to help with the business.

The show launched on NBC in February 1988 and lasted until June of the next year.