Question: I have spent this whole summer wondering what happened on the last two episodes of Buffy the Vampire Slayer's sixth season. I have seen every episode of the show except these two. Can you please tell me when they might possibly rerun at least one of the two episodes? I thank you tremendously! — Brittany, Calvert City, Ky.

Televisionary: Tell you what, Brittany, mangling the line about angling and self-reliance, I'll give you a little fish and then teach you to catch it for yourself. The first half of the two-part episode you're looking for, "Two To Go," airs tonight at 8 pm/ET on WQTV in your hometown. I'm not sure about "Grave," the last episode of the season, but you can search our listings to check for yourself.

Which brings me to my next little lesson, which involves the TV Guide Online resources all of you can use to answer such questions for yourselves so you don't have to wait for pokey ol' me to get around to you. If you were looking for, say, the last two episodes of the most recent Buffy season, you'd first stop by our incredibly informative ShowGuide and head for the Buffy page. Then you'd click on the link for the season-six guide to find the titles of the last two episodes.

From there you'd do a listings search using keywords like "Buffy," "two" and "go" and see if that episode will be airing in your area in the near future. Then do the same with "Buffy" and "grave." (Don't forget to set up your listings here since our listings wizards, wondrous as they are, have no idea where you live if you don't tell them.)

Got it? Now, fish for a lifetime and hit me with something that really allows me to test my unearthly TV abilities!