Question: Is Sopranos and Kingpin director Allen Coulter any relation to conservative blowhard Anne Coulter? — Mary, Baltimore, Md.

Televisionary: Now, Mary, that's a political value judgment and since this isn't a political column — and people get very testy with me whenever I stray into that arena — I have to stress that's your term, not mine. However, just so no one gets confused with any other Anne Coulter, I'll adopt your terminology for convenience's sake and point out once again that we're discussing the "conservative blowhard" one.

Anyway, Allen Coulter, who, as you pointed out, has directed episodes of Kingpin and The Sopranos as well as Sex and the City, Michael Hayes, Millennium and The X-Files, is no relation to Anne Coulter (the "conservative blowhard" one, I mean... just so we're clear).