Question: The song played during the opening credits of NBC's Ed was different in Season 1 than in subsequent seasons. Can you tell me what these songs were, and do you know why they changed (e.g., did they lose the rights to the song, or did they like the second one better)? I liked the first season's song, as well as the first season's shows, better. Thanks! — Steve S., Williamstown, Mass.

Televisionary: Well, Steve, because of your uncanny timing — your mail came in right around the time my first attempt to answer the same question appeared on the site — I now get to finish the job, so thank you.

I explained a couple of weeks ago that

the Foo Fighters' "Next Year," from their disc There Is Nothing Left to Lose, was the theme song for the first season. Come Season 2, it was Clem Snide's "Moment in the Sun," from The Ghost of Fashion, before switching back to "Next Year" the following season. I didn't know why. So a whole host of readers inundated me with info — thanks for the help, all — and now I do.

It seems Viacom, the studio behind Ed, says it must own the rights to all the theme songs its shows use. (It's official policy.) RCA owns "Next Year," while Viacom owns the Clem Snide work. But after the switch, fans began complaining and Ed creators Rob Burnett and Jon Beckerman started fighting to change it back.

"We'd put snide remarks in the scripts," Burnett told TV in 2002. "Nothing against Clem Snide. We just never wanted the old theme to go away... and suddenly it became possible again. It was a combination of NBC wanting it back and Paramount and Viacom bending on their corporate policy that they have to own songs of their own shows."