Question: My son asked me a question that he says he asks quite often as an icebreaker in conversations as he travels around the country. Unfortunately, I could not respond with an answer. The question is, what are the names of the two Muppet characters that sat in the balcony, the ones portraying old men? My son Brian states that no matter how many people he asks, he fails to receive an appropriate answer. Can you help?

Televisionary: Hey, if I couldn't, I'd be out of here tout de suite! My boss says he's just dying to give my cubicle to somebody more pleasant. (Like a day full of my unique crankiness isn't a dream come true?)

And speaking of cranky, the two malcontents in the Muppet Show balcony were named Statler & Waldorf and were voiced by muppeteers Richard Hunt and Jim Henson. As long as your son doesn't bump into one of my readers over drinks (Hey, all he has to do is avoid maybe six people worldwide), he can continue to stump new acquaintances.