Question: There was a sitcom starring Jason Bateman and David Garrison where the premise was David's character was dating Jason's mother and Jason, who was a teenage con artist/manipulator, tried different pranks and practical jokes to get them to break up. There was also a character named Eli (the lovable fat kid). Do you know the name of the show I'm thinking of? — Adam B., Bedminster, N.J.

Televisionary: But of course. You're thinking of It's Your Move, which debuted on NBC in September 1984.

As you say, Garrison's Norman Lamb was a writer who dated teenager Matthew Burton's mom (Caren Kaye) after moving into the apartment across the hall. Matthew (Bateman) immediately began scheming and pulling different scams and jokes to try and break them up. But for everything he tried, the resourceful Norman had a counter-move.

Jason's buddy Eli (Adam Sadowsky) was a portly lad with a crush on Jason's sister Julie (Tricia Cast), who wasn't interested. Saturday Night Live alum Garrett Morris played Principal Dwight Ellis.

The biggest joke of all, by the way, was on the fans. The show was canceled after less than a year.