Question: Who sings the theme song from CSI? Is it The Who?

Televisionary: Y'know, if I was in one of my more puckish moods (or, as my brother might more accurately define it, being an ass), I might entertain you all with a wonderfully bent variation on the old Abbott and Costello "Who's on first?" routine. But the new, super-serious Televisionary eschews such tomfoolery. [Editor's note: Don't fall for it. He's just suckering you into believing that until he feels like being an ass again — I say he makes it for one or two more questions.]

The CSI theme song is a truncated version of The Who's "Who Are You," which was also featured in a Gateway Computers campaign. It's the title cut from their 1978 release of the same name. If you like the tune, I recommend checking out the entire album (I can call it that since it came out before the advent of the CD). It was the last one featuring the late wildman drummer Keith Moon — a loss from which the great band never really recovered, in my opinion. (Yeah, I know. Save my opinions for old TV shows.)