Question: A simple question, I thought, but Temptation Island never says where exactly it is located. So, where is Temptation Island? Thank you. — Erica

Televisionary: Y'know, it's kept secret for the good of people like you, Erica. How can you enjoy your pi&#241a colada when you're trying to outrun Ghidrah and Gigan? Oh, wait... that's Monster Island.

The far scarier "Temptation Island" is actually Ambergris Caye, which lies off the coast of Belize. The show was shot at a place called Captain Morgan's Retreat (and aptly so, given that the series is based on stealing what's most dear to someone else).

Word is Temptation Island has inspired a big tourism bump for Belize, something I'm betting doesn't hold true for Survivor's Palau Tiga (Colleen's weepy sores didn't exactly scream "fun in the sun," y'know?). Anyway, if you're interested, you should stop by the Captain Morgan site.