Question: Can you settle an argument for me? My fianc&#233 and I are arguing over some Old Navy commercials (I believe they showed them mainly during Christmas) featuring the "Item of the Week." There is a woman on the commercial and my fianc&#233 believes it's Megan Mullally from Will &#038 Grace. I say it's not. Who's right? Thanks. — Teresa

Televisionary: Once again, I play peacemaker — and this time I'm happy to head off a relationship crisis before it tears you two kids apart. Don't let TV get in the way of your love, Teresa. It's just not worth it.

Your intended is right; 'twas Ms. Mullally (Will &#038 Grace's money-loving Karen) dancing with the Old Navy boys in the ads, which hawked such essentials as sleep bottoms and half-zip pullovers. And lest you two lovebirds stop your cooing to battle over another aspect of those spots, that was Wayne Newton singing.