Question: Your response to Catherine's question about a show on cheating seemed pretty harsh. Asking an authority (that's you) for information for a school project is not automatically cheating. The information she requested was the equivalent of asking for the title of a book, not the contents. Even my strictest, most evil English teacher would not forbid such a method of research. The irony comment would be difficult to resist, but it was unwarranted. Catherine should not be mocked, but applauded for her ingenuity. — Joe, Greensboro, N.C.

Televisionary: You weren't alone in calling me on the carpet for that answer from my March 8 column, Joe. And my response is, how dare you people criticize me when... well, especially when you're right? I was overly harsh, and was really chiding the gal for being lazy (in my eyes) rather than cheating. And now that you guys point it out, it wasn't even laziness; she was just asking for help. And I'm nearly as embarrassed by the fact that I have no earthly idea what show she meant. So Catherine, if you weren't offended enough to stop reading this column altogether, my apologies, especially since I'm sure it's too late to help you with your assignment. I can sometimes be a cranky jerk; that was one of those times and I'm sorry.