Question: I remember watching a TV show when I was younger with Jerry O'Connell in it. He lived next door to a professor and had an accident which made him able to fly and do some other weird things. Please tell me that I'm not insane and that I did not imagine such a show, because no one seems to remember it. — Veronica, Burlington, Ky.

Televisionary: As I always say, I can't testify to your sanity, but I can tell you you're thinking of the half-hour syndicated comedy My Secret Identity, 72 episodes of which were produced in Canada, from 1988-91.

In the show, O'Connell played teen Andrew Clements, who possessed super-strength, super-speed, invulnerability and the ability to fly thanks to an experiment by scientist neighbor Dr. Jeffcoate (

Derek McGrath). He didn't sport any kind of cool costume or anything; he just ran around, dealt with baddies and helped out Dr. Jeffcoate in secret.

Christopher Bolton played Andrew's buddy Kirk and Wanda Cannon and Marsha Moreau were, respectively, his mom and kid sister, neither of whom knew about his super-powered hobby.