Question: I remember a TV show. I think it was on Saturday mornings in the early '90s. I believe it was called California Dreamin' about a group of kids in a band that performed at their local eatery. I swear Matthew Perry played the drummer on that show, shortly before he got the role on Friends. Am I completely mad? — Jennifer, San Francisco, Calif.

Televisionary: Nope. But you're not completely correct, either. The series, California Dreams, ran on NBC for five years beginning in 1992. But the only Matt on the show was the lead character, Matt Garrison (Brent Gore).

From the same people who brought you the teen phenomenon Saved by the Bell, the series focused on a band of Redondo, Calif., teens whose group was called — you guessed it — the California Dreams. Matt was the band's front man and guitarist, while sister Jenny (Heidi Lenhart) handled the keyboard duties, pal Tony (William James Jones) played drums and wifty gal Tiffani (Kelly Packard) played bass. The group underwent various changes as the show progressed — it's not worth getting into all of them here, but suffice to say none of them involved Friends's Mr. Perry.