Question: I remember an old show called Toma, which was about an undercover police officer or private eye who would pretend to be someone else to catch the villain. Who played that role? And is the show airing on any channels? Thanks in advance. — Jane, Calvert City, Ky.

Televisionary: Det. David Toma was a real-life undercover cop in Newark, N.J., who inspired this ABC series, which ran from October 1973 to September 1974. Tony Musante played the maverick Toma, who did indeed nab the baddies in disguise, often by calling on his master-of-disguise capabilities.

The show was moderately successful, but Musante decided he didn't like the demands of regular-series work so he opted out. ABC initially planned to recast the role and was going to call the show Toma Starring Robert Blake, but ended up creating a similar show, Baretta, instead.

I'm not sure if Toma's airing on anyone's schedule these days. I'm not aware of any networks running it, but you can search our Listings to see if it's available in your market.

An interesting side note: The real David Toma used to tour schools, giving a heavy-duty, spare-no-details antidrug lecture full of his unpleasant police-work memories. The man scared the living crap out of me and an entire gym full of kids when I was a young 'un.