Question: I seem to remember a program about a superhero called Mr. Terrific. When did it run? He would change in a phone booth. Am I right or wrong? — Ray, Perth Amboy, N.J.

Televisionary: About the phone booth? I don't think so, Ray. As I recall, he merely took his giant pill, turned various colors and was on his way to superdom.

Yes, there was a Mr. Terrific, which ran on CBS from January to August in 1967. It starred Stephen Strimpell as gas-station co-owner Stanley Beamish, who gained wondrous powers after taking the pills developed by the U.S. government's Bureau of Secret Projects. (The pills worked only on him.) Great for fighting crime, except for the fact that the effects lasted only an hour.

John McGiver played BSP head Barton J. Reed, while Dick Gautier (Get Smart, When Things Were Rotten) played Stanley's filling-station partner, Hal Walters.