Question: I remember a show about the Pony Express. One of the charactors was "Wild Bill" and I want to say the show's name was The Young Riders. Is that correct or was it something else? — Angela R., Elyria, Ohio

Televisionary: That it is, Angela. You're thinking of the action drama that aired on ABC from September 1989 to July 1992.

The show centered around a group of young bucks, several of whom would later become Western legends. Josh Brolin played Jimmy Hickok (better known, as you say, as "Wild Bill"); Ty Miller was "The Kid;" Stephen Baldwin was Billy Cody ("Buffalo Bill" to all you who aren't into the cowboy thing) and Gregg Rainwater was their token Native-American pal, Little Buck. Oh, and Yvonne Suhor was their cross-dressing pal Lou, who posed as a boy because... well, I don't know — probably because the show's creators wanted to cover the Calamity Jane angle, I reckon.

Overseen by old hand Teaspoon Hunter (Anthony Zerbe), the boys rode a mail route from the prairie all the way out to California. But they found plenty of time for do-gooding, as well. And as you might guess, the show was about as historically accurate as Young Guns, the big-screen mess that proved popular enough to inspire this show.