Question: I remember that a few of years ago Keri Russell was in a muppet remake of Cinderella. What was this TV movie called? — Mark, Westmont, N.J.

Televisionary: If Russell's the one you remember, I guess Cinderelmo had you looking at the wrong doll, huh, Mark?

I'm betting there were more than a few dads in the audience doing much the same thing while their kids were watching their beloved high-pitched Elmo cavort across the screen in Fox's 1999 TV movie. As you may remember (though I doubt it), he was a male Cinderella, while Russell was the princess and Kathy Najimy was his wicked stepmother. Oliver Platt was his "fairy godperson" and French Stewart his footman.

If you're dying to own it, it's available on home video.