Question: I remember a show (maybe with "garden" in the title) from the late '70s that featured two women with long, dark hair. They had their hair in two straight braids, with one woman parting her hair in the middle and the other parting it on the side. One of them was named Paula, I think. I still remember parts of their closing song: "See ya, see ya / Hope you have a good, good day / Hope you have a good, good morning to ya / Hope you have a shiny day / Goodbye now." What is the name of this show? Thanks a whole bunch! — Sheree

Televisionary: It sounds like you're talking about The Magic Garden, a live-action, syndicated children's show broadcast mainly in the New York area from 1972-84. In it, Carole Demas and Paula Janis used their magic garden as the backdrop for singing, skits and other folksy stuff that kids absolutely ate up. Also on the show were a magic tree that provided the two ladies with, among other things, swinging vines and messages; Flapper the bird; Sherlock the squirrel and the Chuckle Patch, a sentient growth of daisies that served up jokes for the wee ones.

I missed out on the show as a lad, but it's absolutely legendary among adults who grew up with it, much as

The Gene London Show and Wee Willie Webber were to Philadelphia natives like myself.