Question: I seem to remember a TV show in the '80s that starred Corey Haim and Burt Young (Paulie from Rocky) as mismatched college roommates. One episode had the younger star being a DJ at the college radio station and calling himself "Bobby Midnight." I believe the name of the show was Roommates; however, I can find no record of the show existing. Was it Cory Haim and Burt Young or am I just really confused? — Travis, Dresher, Pa.

Televisionary: More important, Travis, is the fact that I can't believe I got a question from my hometown! Please say "Hey" to all the good people at the Dresher Plaza Shop 'N' Bag.

Anyway, the rest of the country would be more interested, I'm sure, to know that you're talking about NBC's Roomies, which debuted in March 1987. As you say, Haim and Young were college freshmen sharing dorm space at Saginaw U., the former as a 14-year-old brainiac and the latter as an ex-Marine who decided to get his degree in middle age.

Neither were able to earn many credits, unfortunately. School was out when NBC dumped the show just two months later.