Question: I remember a Saturday-morning show in the early '70s; I think it was called Dr. Shrinker. No one else remembers this show, not even my older sister, but I can still recall the theme song. It was about a mad scientist (and his more sympathetic assistant) who shrunk three teens and possibly their dune buggy? And the teens then took up residence in a mousehole. Was this a dream or was it really a show? — Kelley, Poulan, Ga.

Televisionary: It was indeed real, Kelley, but it was a segment of The Krofft Supershow rather than its own show. The Island of Dr. Shrinker revolved around the bad doctor (Jay Robinson) and his assistant, Hugo (Billy Barty). The setup was that Dr. Shrinker tested his shrinking ray on teens Brad, B.J. and Gordie, who were unfortunate enough to land on his island. The ray worked, but the feisty kids escaped and the show chronicled their attempts to remain free.