Question: I seem to remember that Drew Carey had a small, recurring role as a mechanic in a short-lived sitcom in the early 1990s. Was this really Drew? What was the name of the show? — Mark W.

Televisionary: That would be NBC's The Good Life, which launched in January 1994 and starred John Caponera as John Bowman, a family man and working man whose job at a security products business helped put food on the table for his wife (Eve Gordon) and three kids. (Of course, a better title might've been Short and Sweet, since the show was off the air by May.)

Carey played a guy named Drew Clark (the writers really sweated the character names on this series), who ran the company loading dock with John and was his best friend. Of the cast members, Carey bounced the highest by far on the rebound, landing his own hit series on ABC a year later.