Question: I remember a show/mini-series with David Bowie's theme "Golden Years" as its theme. It was almost sci-fi in content, but I don't remember the storyline completely! My husband thinks I'm nuts. Please don't confirm his suspicions! — Missy, Appleton, Wis.

Televisionary: Perish the thought, Missy. He's the nutty one here, darnit!

You're thinking of Stephen King's Golden Years, which revolved around a senior-citizen janitor who found himself getting younger and younger after an accident at the lab where he worked.

Since this was a King story, of course, the janitor (Keith Szarabajka) was soon experiencing all sorts of weird side effects. After a sympathetic lab security chief (Felicity Huffman) helped him escape, he was forced to go on the lam with his wife (Frances Sternhagen) to avoid being killed by the assassin (R.D. Call) sent after him by the evil scientist (Bill Raymond) whose experiments caused the condition in the first place.

What can I tell you? When I messed up in my high-school chemistry class, all I ended up with was a trip to the emergency shower, a shirt full of stains and holes and mockery from everyone in my lab group.