Question: Do you remember a show called The Young Rebels? It was on in the '70s sometime, but I can't remember when. Nobody else remembers it at all. Could I have dreamt this up? — Ruth, Virginia Beach

Televisionary: You could have, sure. And if you'd done so before the people who created it, maybe you could've put a short-lived historical adventure on the air before they did.

The Young Rebels, which ran on NBC from September 1970 to early January of the following year, focused on the Yankee Doodle Society, a fictional American Revolution-era group whose members included the four series stars — leader Jeremy (Rick Ely), leader's-girlfriend Elizabeth (Hilary Thompson), former slave Isak (Lou Gossett Jr.) and obligatory smart-guy Henry (Alex Henteloff). Reporting to a young General Lafayette (Philippe Forquet), the group's mission was to undermine the Brits from their Chester, Pa., base of operations.

The idea behind the series was to capitalize on the revolutionary spirit of the 1960s and draw in the young 'uns who would see the Yankee Doodles' British adversaries as the equivalent of the square U.S. establishment. It must've sounded great in the pitch meeting, but as The Young Rebels' three-month-plus life span tells you, the revolution was not televised for long.