Question: Do you remember a sitcom that premiered in the late '90s or early '00s about an older divorc&#233e who lived in a hotel and fell in love with a younger man who worked in the hotel's kitchen? I know it was based in Chicago and I think it may have been on ABC or NBC. Please help me out here; this is drivin' me nuts! — Kevin, Covington, Ky.

Televisionary: Wow. If more people had shown such intense interest in ABC's Then Came You when it debuted in March 2000, Kevin, it might've stuck around longer.

Set in an upscale Chicago hotel, the series did indeed focus on an "older" (33 — wizened by TV standards), divorced book editor (Susan Floyd) who fell in with a younger (22) room-service waiter (Thomas Newton) for a "shocking" (by people-on-network-sitcom standards) love affair. They then tackled the usual issues faced by couples on this kind of show — finding each other an appropriate birthday gift, complications at a friend's wedding, one-month anniversary agita, etc. They also suffered the fate faced by many love-at-first-sight couples in real life — the series was off the air after a month.