Question: The recent death of Frank Gorshin got me thinking. Didn't he do some sort of show in the '70s called Copy Cats? — Michael M., Ypsilanti, Mich.

Televisionary: That he did, Michael, albeit briefly, and the show was initially called The ABC Comedy Hour. Gorshin, who's still probably best known as one of Batman's Riddlers (John Astin was the other), was part of a team called the Kopycats. Along with such comedians as Rich Little, George Kirby, Marilyn Michaels and Charlie Callas (who was replaced by Fred Travalena), Gorshin did impression comedy. The show debuted in January 1972 and only lasted about four months, but the team also did some comedy specials. From June to August, ABC aired reruns under the title ABC Comedy Hour Presents the Kopycats.