Question: It's really impossible for people to believe a joker! I have a tendency to play around a lot, but I know my stuff. Yet no one believes me when I say that Brittany Murphy played the title character Blossom. Could you prove to everyone that I may play, but I'm no dummy when it comes to entertainment? — Jay-Lo, Tampa, Fla.

Televisionary: I'm sad to say that despite my awesome Television powers, even I can only prove things that are actually true. On this one, that just ain't the case.

Ms. Murphy appeared in a multi-part episode of Blossom in 1993, which may be what's causing the confusion for you. As fans know, she then went on to hit it big on the big screen with movies like Clueless and Don't Say A Word, but has also stayed active in the TV world doing, among other things, hilarious voice work as the lovable Luanne on King of the Hill.

It was Mayim Bialik who played the title character on Blossom, Jay-Lo. Wait a minute... Jay-Lo? Why, that's another one of your jokes, isn't it? Isn't it?!