Question: We have a question, What is the name of the Who's the Boss? spinoff show? It was about models in New York. We have tried everything to find the name of the show. The show didn't last long. — Jennifer S., West Chester, Ohio

Televisionary: I'll tell you, Jennifer, but only if you promise to work on that unsettling habit of referring to yourself in the plural. Keep that up and Uncle Sam's gonna double your taxes. (And yes, I'll stop mocking my readers now — for this week, anyway — since I don't want you guys thinking I don't love you.)

The show vexing you so is ABC's Living Dolls, which starred Michael Learned (The Waltons) as the head of a small modeling agency in New York. Living with her were four of her beauteous young mannequins — Emily (Halle Berry), Martha (Alison Elliott), Caroline (Deborah Tucker) and Charlie (Leah Remini), who was a tough kid from the streets and thus had an androgynous name because some hidden network rules apparently require that of tomboy characters (see The Facts of Life: Jo). Of course, the show wouldn't have been complete without an adolescent horndog to wah-wah-wah over the gals, so David Moscow (Zoe, Duncan, Jack &#038 Jane) was on board as Learned's son.

As far as the spinoff rule goes, I keep working under the requirement that a pure spinoff means a regular character from one show becomes a regular lead on the new one (The Ropers, Fish, Joanie Loves Chachi). By that standard, Living Dolls wasn't a to-the-letter spinoff, but Who's the Boss? stars Tony Danza and Alyssa Milano did appear from time to time. The problem was, there weren't too many times available. Living Dolls debuted in September 1989 and was no longer living three months later.