Question: Can you provide information on a spin-off series called Sheriff Lobo? I believe it came from The Dukes of Hazzard. Thank you. — Jeannie M., Riverside, Calif.

Televisionary: Sure thing, only it wasn't spun off from The Dukes; Claude Akins's Sheriff Elroy P. Lobo was originally a character on B.J. and Bear.

When Orly County, Ga.'s Lobo first appeared on his own NBC show in September 1979, the vehicle was called The Misadventures of Sheriff Lobo. In it, Lobo, a man with Bilko-esque aspirations, was always trying to take advantage of his position to fatten his bank account, but succeeded merely in doing his job and actually enforcing the law. Perkins (Mills Watson), Lobo's brother-in-law, and Birdie (Brian Kerwin) were his deputies; Margaret Ellen (Janet Lynn Curtis) was the obligatory eye candy (a waitress, actually) and hotel manager Sarah (Leann Hunley) was Birdie's gal.

When the show kicked off its second season, it lost the "misadventures" part and bore the slimmed down title of Lobo. It also relocated to Atlanta, where Lobo and his boys were part of a governor-created force. There they were joined by city cops Hildy (Nell Carter), Peaches (Amy Botwinick) and Brandy (Tara Buckman). The show left the air in August 1981.