Question: How old is James Marsters (aka Spike of Buffy and Angel fame)? The Watercooler discussion of the Angel finale gives his age as 42. However, I have read Internet biographies that list his age as young as 31. What's the deal here? How come there seems to be so much confusion concerning his age? (For the record, his official website doesn't give a birth year.) — Carla, Bristol, Va.

Televisionary: And for good reason, Carla. This industry's brutal for anyone who dares to age, even someone as well-preserved as Mr. Marsters. I have it on good faith — said faith being good because I just yelled over the cubicle wall to the person who recently wrote about the Angel finale for TV Guide magazine — that the actor is indeed 42. Why the confusion? As I said, he looks darned good for 42. As for the conflicting ages, don't you know not to believe anything you read on the Internet?