Question: OK — you're being all honest and all. I have seen you correct three slight errors in the past couple of weeks. However, I will always remember that you tanked the "Carlton your Doorman" question a while back. You said he never appeared on Rhoda. I agree, but there was an animated pilot (I suppose pilot is the right word) focusing on Carlton the doorman. I remember it running once on a Friday night in the '70s, the same night as an animated Mel Brooks (I think) skit about a very old man. So while you are being honest, O Televisionary of great powers, are you ready to cop to missing the Carlton question? — Gary, Memphis, Tenn.

Televisionary: No, I am not, O Gary of the wacky accusations, of the... of the... I-agree-but-you're-still-wrong-Mr.-expert anti-logic school! (Hey, look up there: You wrote it.) I mean, he never appeared in clear view, face visible, on Rhoda. He showed up in an animated special in May of 1980. Not the same thing! Was Rhoda a cartoon? No! So does that count as seeing Carlton on Rhoda when his cartoon version showed up on a completely different show? No! I think I'm pretty good about raising my hand when whistled foul, my friend, but not this time.