Question: Oh, great Televisionary, please help me resolve one of the great mysteries of my television-viewing life. Back when I was young, I remember watching a show on TV that was a live-action version of The Flash. I think it was a TV-movie, and the only scene that I can remember was when the man who was The Flash got sick and sneezed, it caused him to shoot backward. The show had to have aired before 1994. Can you tell me what I saw? Is there any way I can see it again since I remember really liking it? — Carly S.

Televisionary: Sure thing, Carly, but I can also tell you about the dangers of e-mailing two people at the same company with the same question. See, Matt Roush forwarded the mail you sent to him, and don't think I didn't notice that you called him both great and wise. I'll assume you're very sorry and feel just terrible.

The Flash ran on CBS from September 1990 to July 1991 and starred John Wesley Shipp (Dawson's Creek) as police chemist Barry Allen, who was able to move at superspeed after a lab mishap involving chemicals and lightning (never a good combo). Amanda Pays (Max Headroom) was his beautiful scientist pal, Tina, while Alex Desert was his assistant, Julio. My main memory of that show? Shipp looked very odd in the sculpted Flash outfit, which gave him an impressive but disturbingly inert musculature.

As for viewing, the pilot is available on VHS from various online retailers, but it's not currently on any network's schedule, as far as I know.