Question: Who was the new lady lawyer character on The Guardian last night (the one with the dark hair who is his new boss)? She looked very familiar, but I could not remember what other shows or movies I saw her in recently. Thanks for your help. — Kenneth F.

Televisionary: Louisa "LuLu" Archer, the new boss lady overseeing attorney Nick Fallin (Simon Baker) at his Legal Aid gig on the hit CBS show, is played by Wendy Moniz. If she looks familiar, you most likely caught her during her gig on The Guiding Light or during the latter days of the recently retired CBS series Nash Bridges.

And before anyone else asks, the arch-rival trying to poach the top talent at Nick's law firm in that episode was played by James B. Sikking, whom you probably remember best from his turns as Lt. Howard Hunter on the classic Hill Street Blues and as Dr. David Howser (Doogie's pop) on Doogie Howser, M.D.