Question: There is a new aspirin commercial which uses the song "Pump Your Blood." My husband and I both clearly remember this song from our youth but cannot agree on where it comes from. He is pretty sure it was School House Rock, but after hearing it a couple of times I think it sounds like Anson Williams from Happy Days. Since I can think of no reason why a song about blood circulation would have been sung on Happy Days and agree that it would have made a good educational song, my husband insists his guess is better than mine. As a result, it causes a heated discussion whenever the commercial comes on. Can you tell us, please, where this silly song from our youth comes from? — Tina, Arlington, Va.

Televisionary: That I can, Tina. It is indeed Williams' Potsie Weber singing the tune in a Happy Days episode from Season 6.

In the episode "Potsie Quits School," originally broadcast May 15, 1979, Potsie's convinced he's going to fail his anatomy class no matter how much work he puts into passing. So he tries the novel approach of singing about the heart's function, backed by Richie, Ralph and friends on harmonica, a set of bones, a beaker and a kazoo, and earns himself an A-plus in the process.

And no, there's no way in hell that would've worked at my school, either.