Question: My mom and I have a little bet going. She says that Adrian Paul is the son of Sean Connery because he looks so much like him. I say no. Which of us is right? Please e-mail me at [address hidden by privacy-minded Televisionary] and let me know. Thanks. — Trixie S.

Televisionary: Sorry, Trixie, but as the disclaimer above states, I don't do the personal e-mail thing. You've gotta read it here to read it at all.

But perhaps it'll make you feel better to discover (again, if you're reading this) that you're right. Paul may have made his name in the syndicated Highlander, which was produced from 1992-98 and was based on the feature film and sequel that costarred Connery, but that's really about as close as they get. Paul, who starred as sword-swinging immortal Duncan MacLeod in the series and in the big-screen Highlander: The Gathering and Highlander: Endgame, was born of mortal parents — an Italian mom and British dad — in London. So gloat to your heart's content and if mom balks at your insolence, remind her of all those times she yelled at you for watching TV instead of doing your homework, not realizing that you'd grow up to write a column about TV shows and thus were doing a kind of homework. (Oh, wait... That was my mom.)