Question: I loved a summer replacement series called Wish You Were Here (I think), which was about a young man who traveled through Europe with a video camera. I believe it was in the '80s or early '90s and it was cute and funny. Do you have any information on it? — Kathy, Omaha, Nebr.

Televisionary: Need you ask? Wish You Were Here launched in July 1990, at the same time as fellow CBS fish-out-of-water show Northern Exposure.

Starring Lew Schneider, the show focused on the travels of Wall Street escapee Danny Cogswell, who fled the nine-to-five world to wander around Europe. Since it was before the advent of the Web and certainly well before blogs came into vogue, the best technology available to Danny was the camcorder, which he brought along and used to tape video greetings for the folks at home (and, obviously, the viewers).

The show was quirky, different and showed promise, which meant, of course, that it had to be cancelled as soon as possible. A month or so after it premiered, those behind Wish You Were Here wished it was still there.

Don't cry too hard for Schneider, however. After a little more than a year in front of the camera on Fox's ill-fated Down the Shore, he made his way behind it to work on The George Wendt Show and The John Larroquette Show before finding himself an executive-producing spot on the wildly successful Everybody Loves Raymond, a position an awful lot of cancellation victims wish they were in.