Question: I love reading your column. It's great fun to read. There is an old TV movie called Always Remember I Love You that starred Patty Duke. It's about a boy who, around his 16th birthday, finds out that he was stolen from his real birth parents and goes in search of them. My parents and I totally love it and used to watch it on Lifetime around Christmas time. It's such a fabulous movie (and a tear jerker to boot), but it hasn't been shown the last couple years. Do you know if it is available on video anywhere? Thanks so much.

Televisionary: The bad news first: The 1990 made-for-TV movie, which also starred Stephen Dorff, Joan Van Ark, Richard Masur and David Birney, is not available on home video as far as I know. However, you're in luck since the Lifetime Movie Network plans to air it at 7:45 am/ET on Dec. 15. Have a look at our lovable Listings section to confirm. (And if your cable provider doesn't offer LMN, better start checking with friends and relatives to find someone who gets it.)