Question: I have listened to the Here Come the Brides theme song several times, and it sounds to me like they're saying, "Boys'll stand around and stare," which isn't much better than the version you found. Pine-scented air and staring men don't seem to have much to do with one another, unless those are the points being touted to tempt the "brides" into coming to Seattle. Being ogled by a bunch of strange men isn't high on my list, but then again, I'm not a 19th-century miss looking for a husband.

On a Bobby Sherman website, the lyrics from the version he cut are listed as, "Never knew a day so fair." Maybe he thought the original lyrics were lame, too. — Melinda, Rock Valley, Iowa

Televisionary: Perhaps, but you wouldn't believe how many people weighed in with their take on that line after I admitted I couldn't decipher it and asked for help in last week's column. I got several variations of yours ("boys, don't stand around and stare," etc.) and just as many of the "knew a day so fair" line, too. I also got a tip from Lee, in Columbia, S.C., who told me there was an original Star Trek book in which the Enterprise crew travelled back in time to Seattle and met up with the Bolts.

Sometimes I can't believe I'm paid to gather such gems.