Question: I know there used to be a sitcom on that starred Randy Quaid and Jonathan Winters. Jonathan was his dad. Can you tell me the name, when it was on and how long it lasted? — Kim, Shawnee, Kans.

Televisionary: Okay, so I'm making it a Kansas-heavy column this week. (It's just coincidence, folks; I don't play geographic favorites here, I swear.)

You're thinking of Davis Rules, Kim, which, as you say, starred Quaid as an elementary-school principal who had a heck of a time with kids — basically, he got no respect — on the job and at home. Making things even more difficult for him on the homefront was his wacky pa, Gunny, played by the wacky Mr. Winters. (Other notables in the cast included Bonnie Hunt and Giovanni Ribisi, who was billed as "Vonni" Ribisi at the time.

As for how long it lasted? Not long. It launched on ABC in January 1991, jumped to CBS a year later, and was gone seven months after that.